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    Simpson Bay Medical Clinic is conveniently located at the Simpson Bay Yachtclub (Lago del Plaza), just behind the Simpson Bay Pharmacy on walking distance from the main hotels and marinas.

    The clinic is easily available for walk-in patients, but appointments can also be made at
    (+1-721)-544 5312.

    Our staff consists of three medical doctors and 2 assistants. Dr. Johan Datema and Dr. Ubbo Tjaden are General Practitioners and trained in the Netherlands with over 25 years of experience. Dr. Wido Buser joined the clinic since april 2015. Dr. Buser is an officialy registered general practitioner in the Netherlands with work experience in the Netherlands and Caribean.

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    Our services consists mainly of the following:

    - General Consultations
    - Wound Treatments (including minor surgeries, removal of skin tumors by electro coagulation)
    - Cryotherapy (freezing of warts)
    - Nebulization (treatment of asthma attacks)
    - Gynaecological Exams, PAP smears, Fetal Doppler, IUD placements
    - General Vaccinations (vaccination book will be provided)
    - House / Yacht / Hotel visits on request

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    We accept all local Sint Maarten insurances.

    Payments can be done in cash, we do not accept credit,- or debit card payments.

    We will write receipts for reimbursement of your insurance abroad.

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    Opening Hours

    Monday through Friday
    8.00 am - 6.00 pm
    9.00 am - 12.00pm

    Please call (+1-721)-544 5312 to see which doctor is in

    For assistance outside opening hours, please contact the frontdesk at your hotel, or your yachtprovider.

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    Contact Us

    For appointments or inquires feel free to contact us.

    Simpson Bay Medical Clinic
    Simpson Bay Yachtclub
    Sint Maarten

    Ph: (+1-721)-544 5312
    Fx: (+1-721)-544 5650
    Em: simpsonbaymedicalclinic@gmail.com